Marine Spare Parts, Machinery and Deck Suppliers

Naval Orientation has contact with largest machinery and agents companies to provide spare parts, machinery and deck suppliers to our customer’s vessels.

Provisions and Bonded Suppliers

Our company aim to provide provision and bonded supplies to vessels at the lowest prices and highest quality on time in all ports in Sultanate of Oman.

Marine Oil Suppliers

Naval orientation have contacts of the largest oil marine companies, we can provides all brands of marine oil for all types of vessels with high quality and less price than the market in Sultanate of Oman and gulf area.

Ship broker and Charting

We have extensive network of contacts in the marine industry locally, regionally and internationally. The network that Naval Orientation Trading L.L.C developed within the local and international maritime industry has been very useful to be able to identify, secure and provide various types of small, medium and large range...

Crew Managements

In view of our experience and our treatment with a lot of vessels and its crews, this qualifies us to provide the vessels with crews of different nationalities, experience and high qualifications.

Vessel Management

At the helm of naval orientation is a highly competent team of professionals who complement each other in the management of overseas vessels, General Bulk, Tug boats, Services boats.

Survey and Inspection

Naval orientation Providing survey and inspection services like bunkering, cargo survey, under water survey, hall and machinery survey and draft survey for vessel as accredited company by government inside Sultanate of Oman to Practicing survey and inspection in Oman and the Gulf region in cooperation with the Coast Guard,...

Salvage and Towing

Hundreds of vessels can be subjected to breakdown or sinking during sailing, especially in the monsoon seasons and bad conditions of weather in the Arabian Gulf region and the Arabian Sea, and our company is one of the companies that own a tug boat that provide tow any vessel...